GORUCK Rucker 3.0 brown

GORUCK Rucker 3 – Small Versus Standard

Let’s review GORUCK Rucker Backpacks. The GORUCK Rucker 3.0 is the newest version of the successful “Rucker” made by GORUCK. Rucker 3.0 updates on several inefficiencies in version 2.0 and exhibits many modifications and improvements. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: GORUCK Rucker 3 Video Review on YouTube Here’s the Standard frame 20L Rucker 3 in action: GORUCK Rucker Backpacks – Overview The GORUCK Rucker is perfect if you are searching for a robust and sturdy backpack suitable for your daily life and is also good as a weighted backpack for rucking, weighted workout, and impromptu fitness. Rucker is a long-lasting everyday carry bag, a great weighted backpack useful for fitness workouts. It is also reliable for travel, especially if you want to get a good workout to maintain and increase strength and stamina while having a vacation. Many issues with the Rucker 2.0 have been resolved with Rucker 3, and it has become even more comfortable to use. There is zero irritation and friction burn if you decide to go trucking shirtless using [Read more …]