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Rogue Boneyard Bars

What’s the best Oly barbell deal on the Internet? The Rogue Boneyard Bars. A Boneyard Bar is a brand new, seconds quality barbell off of Rogue’s standard production line. These bars have minor cosmetic issues such as finish blemishes or inconsistencies with the knurl, but they are still remarkable as other companies’ best products. The bottom line is you can get hundreds of dollars off of a perfectly fine barbell. One that works – even if it doesn’t look pretty. (Who cares? It’s going to be going into your grimy box or garage gym anyways!) Here are some of the options available now (NOTE: Rogue’s inventory of Boneyard bars varies greatly throughout the year – check back often for the best deals!) Boneyard Bars – Overview Considered as “quality seconds”, the Boneyard Bars were designed to still be used in the gym. They have a minor flaw in fit and finish, but they are all new components and come in various finish blends, including Black/Bright Zinc, Black Oxide, Olive Drab Zinc, Raw Steel, and Polished Chrome. Double-tracked knurling is one [Read more …]