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Reebok Nano X PR Shoe Review

Reebok has released the Reebok Nano X PR shoe. Like the other versions of Reebok’s 10th CrossFit training shoe it is packed with features you need for the CrossFit WOD. But, the Nano X PR is made from light-weight materials. Does it make a difference? That’s what we’ll uncover here – we’ll also tell you more about the Nano X and why these are great CrossFit WOD style shoes. Here’s some of the other styles that are available now: Let’s take a look. Reebok Nano X PR Shoe Review – On Our YouTube Channel Here’s an in-depth review of the Nano X PR, from our YouTube channel: By the way, we have high expectations for this shoe. The Reebok Nano X was a runner-up in our Best CrossFit Shoes for 2021 review. Disappointed that the PR isn’t really light-weight? Check ou the Reebok Nano X Unknown – this is 1 ounce lighter than the regular edition Nano X and the Nano X PR. Reebok Nano X PR Shoe Review – Is It Lightweight? We did a weigh-in and compared the [Read more …]