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Longhorn Bar – Camber Bar from Fringe Sport

Take the strain off your shoulders with this new Camber Bar from Fringe Sport. Fringe is based in Texas, so they’ve christened this as the “longhorn bar”. A camber bar is a cutting-edge and effective squat accessory that helps improve your squat strength and strategy. It is designed for those with shoulder mobility problems or upper body injuries. With this bar, the weight plates are placed a little off-center from the upper part of the barbell rather than underneath. Get it now, from the wise-guys (and gals) at Fringe Sport: Longhorn Bar – Camber Bar from Fringe Sport – Overview The Longhorn bar provides incomparable stability and comfort on your back, ideal for those long training drives. It rests naturally on your back, either in a high bar or low bar position. The bar also offers relief and comfort to your shoulders, wrists, and even biceps. Because of its altered angles and relaxing bend, you can enjoy the smoothest ride as it reduces shoulder torque and wrist strain. You can squat easier and deeper with it as it is made [Read more …]

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Bomba Bar V3 from Fringe Sport

Here’s the brand new Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport. It is very common to see a barbell in a commercial gym or home garage. It is one of the most plain-looking pieces of equipment in the gym, but it’s also one of the most complicated to use. There are also different kinds of barbell, and each one has multiple purposes and benefits. Using different barbells gives you variety and makes your training fun and interesting. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Bomba Barbell V3 from Fringe Sport – Overview There are plenty of barbell options in the market from various respectable brands, and it can be hard sometimes to choose what to get. There are also different types of barbells and several specific features that should be considered. Investing in a good-quality barbell will save you time and money without distraction from your training. Barbell training is popular with anyone who wants to build muscles, become bigger, stronger, healthier, and better-looking because it is very straightforward. The main lifts with barbells are Deadlifts, [Read more …]

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Vulcan Olympic Weightlifting Bars

Let’s review Vulcan Olympic Weightlifting Bars. There are two types of bar. The first one is the Power bar, and the other one is the Olympic bar (Oly bar), also known as the weightlifting bar. The Olympic bars are made better with high-quality steel and can handle greater loads. They come in several kinds to be used for Power Lifters, Olympic Lifting, Weight Lifting, and various knurling patterns to cater different activities. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Vulcan Olympic Weightlifting Bars – Overview Vulcan Strength is a principal supplier of Olympic weightlifting equipment, CrossFit Equipment, Home Gym Equipment, and Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment. They are continually improving new and innovative products to satisfy today’s strength training needs. They extend the highest caliber products available on today’s market, and one of their integral beliefs is their commitment to achieving customer satisfaction. Vulcan makes different kinds of Olympic bars with different features for different uses. They meet the IWF Specs for dimensions and weight tolerances offering medium to aggressive knurling. They are also backed up [Read more …]