Nike Free Metcon 4 Women White Black quarter view left
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Nike Free Metcon 4 – New Styles for Women

Here’s the latest styles of the Nike Free Metcon 4 for Women. The Nike Free Metcon series is designed to bring into one shoe the durability and stability of Metcon and the flexibility and comfort of Nike Free. Now on its fourth iteration, let’s see what this shoe offers as well as its new styles for rough women who win over pain every day. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Free Metcon 4 Review How do these work? Pretty well. They are a great new CrossFit shoe option. That’s a review of the men’s shoe – but the women’s shoe will be very similar. Nike Free Metcon 4 for Women – Overview Combining stability and comfort, Nike Free Metcon will be your everyday favorite for casual lifting or workout class. Compared to the third version, Free Metcon 4 has the same outstanding flex, comfortable and supportive cushioning, and broad platform for ground contact, but now has a more solid, lockdown fit and the classic nostalgic aesthetic. It also has an updated “chain-link” mesh [Read more …]