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Sole CC81 Climber

Get a full-body cardio workout with the Sole CC81 Climber. If you are tired of your usual training routine or equipment and want a change, try a vertical climber instead. Climbing helps improve cardiovascular health, burns calories, and provides a total body workout. The Sole CC81 Climber features a compact space-saving design, multi-adjustable hand grips, turn dial resistance knobs, and an integrated tablet holder. From Sole Fitness: Sole CC81 Climber – Overview The Sole CC81 Climber is a high-powered machine that merges elements of a stepper and climber into one. It is unique to the market and the first of its kind. It is high-intensity that will get your heart rate going but won’t take a beating on your joints. Your entire core and extremities will get the full-body workout they need because the Sole CC81 integrates all the climbing elements. You can store and move it anywhere in the home because it is built vertically. The resistance dial on the console allows you to switch back and forth between high-intensity intervals and rest periods. The foot pedals are custom-designed [Read more …]

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Jacobs Ladder

Let’s describe the Jacobs Ladder gym equipment models – which you can get from Rogue Fitness. If you find treadmills boring, then you might enjoy Jacobs Ladder. The Jacobs Ladder is a ladder-like machine angled at 40 degrees with a simple design that demands and challenges you to climb its never-ending bars. This is a fun way to work out and benefit both the upper and the lower body at the same time. Is this a treadmill? Is this a ladder or cardio climber? It’s a little bit of both – we’ll describe the advantages of this workout device in this article. Here’s the models currently available: Jacobs Ladder – Overview The Jacobs ladder was mentioned in a study by the LSU School of Kinesiology as a “scientifically superior workout” to traditional treadmills. It has been frequently incorporated into the training programs of professional and collegiate sports teams, police and fire departments, military bases and academies, and numerous personal gyms, large and small. Pushing yourself hard enough on a Jacobs Ladder burns more calories and gives you more fun than [Read more …]