Front as worn of the Hylete Fuse Short - Workout shorts for men in Heather Black/Black
Workout Shorts

Men’s Workout Shorts – Fuse Shorts from Hylete

The Hylete Fuse workout shorts are some of the best men’s workout shorts for CrossFit. Why do we say that? Because we tested them – and we’re glad to say they hold up to our high standards. Hylete makes high-performance workout clothing for men and women. This isn’t cheap basketball shorts – these are active wear with well thought out features and materials. The Fuse short is just one of several items from their performance workout shorts line. These are shorts made for the functional fitness athlete. We’ll tell you (and show you) all the great performance and comfort enhancing features. Here’s the men’s CrossFit workout shorts we’ll be reviewing: Ok – that’s enough of an overview. Let’s take an in-depth look at we believe are some of the best workout shorts for CrossFit. Fuse Workout Shorts for Men – Fit & Cut First of all, these are performance shorts designed specifically for CrossFit, HIIT, and other types of functional fitness workouts. But these are a very sophisticated option. The styles (and colors) are conservative – so these are great [Read more …]