Best Women’s Workout Pants for CrossFit

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Let’s look at the best women’s workout pants for CrossFit.

This isn’t leggings, tights, or yoga pants – but rather pants proper.

This is workout apparel – so they’ll all be high on the close and comfortable fit scale – but again – we’re not looking at leggings that fit like a “second skin”.

Why pants then?

These are a more modest option than leggings – and in some occasions that’s the right style.

Workout pants tend to be more versatile as well – so you can wear them around quite a bit rather than just to the gym or CrossFit box.

We’re going to be looking at the women’s workout pants options from Hylete – they make excellent performance apparel and active-wear.

Here’s the workout pants we’ll be reviewing in this article:

Flexion Pants for Women (Heather Slate) The Flexion Pant from Hylete is great for your CrossFit workout - or just about anything else you do in the gym. It's a comfortable fit, but looser than traditional leggins. The heather slate material gives a sophisticated look and these pants are cut so they don't interfere with your range of motion.

Flexion Pants for Women (Black) The Flexion Pant from Hylete is also available in all black. Black is a great color for a more modest look.

Nova Jogger (Heather Gray) Looking for a looser fit? These are a jogger style sweat pant. The extra room in the hips and thighs offers the classic feel of a sweatpant that you’ll want to live in.

Nova Jogger (Black) The Nova Joggers are also available in black. These are "jogger" style so they've got a tapered fit around the lower leg and a comparatively loose crotch area.

Urban Jogger (Cool Gray) The Urban Jogger from Hylete has a higher spandex content and that means a more flattering fit, a slight compression effect, and more comfort. Shown here in heather gray.

Urban Jogger (Black) Also available in black - for a more modest look.

Let’s take a look.

Flexion Pants

Hylete offers some great workout pants in the Flexion Pants for women.

These are made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex – so they have a slight stretch fit that looks great – and dries fast when needed.

Upstairs in the gym with Hylete Flexion Workout Pants for Women - Heather Slate
Hylete’s Flexion Pants for Women look good in or out of the gym. Shown here in Heather Slate, they are a 94%/6% Poly/Spandex fabric blend with just enough stretch for comfort and performance – without being overly revealing.

Because this is a looser fitting style of pants it looks good in or out of the gym.

The semi-slick exterior fabric is durable, but these pants also have an interior waffle texture to offer great temperature regulation and breathability.

On the Heather Slate pants you can easily see the flexion pants’ angular paneling and contrast fabric stretch zones.

Why these? Well – that’s an essential part of a good pair of workout pants.

They allow for superior comfort and mobility.

Front view of Hylete Flexion Pants - Workout Pants for Women in Black
Fly under the radar with the Flexion Pants for Women – shown here in black – which is great for when you want to have comfort without being overly revealing.

The flat, wide waistband also offers a smooth fit around the hips.

Pants must have pockets – otherwise they are just tights.

The Flexion Pants have two front slash pockets offer quick access storage.

In the gym with Hylete Flexion Workout Pants for Women - Heather Slate
The Flexion Pants have two pockets and a nice wide waistband. The "heathered" color lends a sophisticated look that will work in or out of the gym.

Overall, these offer a slimming fit that provides comfort – but without sag or scrunch.

The Flexion pants are available several size and two inseam lengths – 26″ and 29″.

Nova Jogger

Jogger style sweat pants are all the rage.

With an athletic, tapered fit in the legs, but with more room in the hips and thighs – these have classic sweatpant feel and comfort.

As worn Hylete Nova Jogger Sweatpants for Women - Heather Gray
The Hylete Nova Jogger are a 8% spandex / 92% polyester fabric blend. With a tapered fit leg and plenty of room in the crotch and thighs these have a classic sweatpant fit and feel.

These have 8% spandex fabric for plenty of stretch – with the rest being polyester – which is lightweight and durable.

What can you do in these?

Anything – of course, but we recommend warm-ups, recovery, or just plain chilling out in style.

These are made from a technical French Terry Fabric with a Contrast Rib.

Front view of the Hylete Nova Jogger Sweatpants for Women - Heather Gray
With a French Terry fabric these have the soft feel you like in a sweatpant.

The fabris is ultra soft, breathable lightweight and that means comfort without the bulk.

These have pockets as well – because you need to carry stuff.

There are two open slash pockets up front – which are quick and easy to access.

Zipper pocket of the Hylete Nova Jogger Sweatpants for Women - Heather Gray
The concealed zipper pocket on the hip can be used for secure storage of valuables – like your phone.

There’s also a concealed right hip pocket with a zipper. Keep your valuables safe and secure there.

As you might expect on a sweatpant – these have a drawstring waistband.

The rib and Nova fabric waistband sits comfortably on the hips with a drawstring that allows for easy adjustability.

Urban Jogger

Want a tighter fit?

The Urban Jogger is another great pants option for women’s workouts.

These are made from a 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex fabric – so they’ve got logs of stretch.

In the outdoors Hylete Urban Jogger Workout Sweatpants for Women in Cool Gray
The Urban Jogger from Hylete have more spandex than their other offerings this means a flattering fit, super comfort, and no restriction on your range of motion in the gym.

That means you can go for a tighter, form fitting look – and get some mild compression as well.

The Urban Joggers from Hylete are both breathable and warm.

These have a soft internal fleece to offer you thermal protection on cooler days.

These also have a drawstring waistband to allow for easy adjustment.

Front view of Hylete Urban Jogger Workout Sweatpants for Women in Cool Gray
These are sweatpants – so you know they have a drawstring – and here it is. These also have pockets. Pants must have pockets.

These also have a contrast rib cuff to give a tapered look and offer the option to pull up the pant leg for versatility and style.

The soft fleece fabric offers thermal protection and excellent breathability.

Ribbed cuffs of the Hylete Urban Jogger Workout Sweatpants for Women in Cool Gray
The ribbed cuff can be rolled up for more of a capri fit.

But it is also anti-bacterial – it uses a special fabric treatment to boost natural evaporation of moisture for a clean and dry feel.

As we mentioned earlier there’s a lot of stretch in these – thanks to the high spandex content.

This two-way stretch fabric will offer a slight compression to hold its shape and that means a more flattering look as well.

There are two slash pockets to allow easy storage and quick access for your phone and car keys.

Best Women’s Workout Pants for CrossFit – In Summary

Hopefully you’ll find a style and fit that works for you.

These sweatpants and workout pants offer some great option for in the gym – or outside the gym.

If you want a “second skin” fit and feel you should probably check out our review of women’s leggings and tights for workouts.

By the lake in Hylete Urban Jogger Workout Sweatpants for Women in Cool Gray
Indoors or out – the urban jogger from Hylete is a winner.


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Upstairs in the Hylete Flexion Pants - Workout Pants for Women in Black
Women’s Workout Pants for CrossFit – the Hylete Flexion Pant is versatile and high performance. Shown here in black.

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