GORUCK Simple Shorts in Navy
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GORUCK Simple Shorts Review

Here’s our GORUCK Simple Shorts review. What are Simple Shorts? They look like regular formal shorts (with pockets and belt loops) – but they are actually a very different sort of apparel. Simple Shorts are lightweight, comfortable, tough, and made for physical activity. These are shorts are meant for physical fitness – like a GORUCK challenge event – or just about anything else. By the way, if you don’t know what “rucking” is, it’s simply walking or hiking with a loaded backpack – it’s a great workout and the loaded rucksack brings your upper body into play. But given that these are cut like formal shorts (and therefore have pockets and belt loops) means these are very versatile shorts you can wear in many different situations. (As compared to athletic shorts – which aren’t appropriate in most places outside of the gym). We’re going to tell you more in depth, here’s the styles available now from GORUCK: We’re going to use a lot of GORUCK supplied photos here – because it is hard to take good custom pictures of shorts. [Read more …]