Nike Metcon 6 AMP quarter view left pair
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Nike Metcon 6 AMP Army

Let’s look at the newest Nike Metcon 6 : the Nike Metcon 6 AMP Army from Nike. Nike Metcon 6 Amp is the bolder and more sophisticated version of Nike Metcon 6. The Amp rendition always has a new design coming out to go with the preferences of modern and trendy athletes. Nike lately introduces the latest addition to the AMP family, the Army. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 6 AMP Army – Overview The new Metcon 6 AMP takes its new design cues from durable rucksacks in honor of your next competition or qualifying event away from home. Rucksacks are used by soldiers to transport bulky weaponry and medical supplies. Today, rucksacks are used not only by soldiers but also by civilians as part of their workout and training. The new design has a minimalist tactical look that will amp and energize your workout. The Nike Metcon 6 AMP Army carries the durability and stability all Metcon shoes have and keeps your foot relaxed even when you are doing an intense [Read more …]