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AssaultRower Elite

Assault Fitness, makers of the AssaultBike have launched a new product. The AssaultRower Elite is an indoor rower. A total-body, cardiovascular, and resistance workout can now be achieved easily with just one machine. Thanks to the invention of rowing machines. They mimic the action needed when rowing a small boat and give a low-impact workout targeting your legs, arms, and back. These machines are compact and can be used in a limited space. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: AssaultRower Elite – Overview Designed by professional athletes and trainers, the AssaultRower Elite is a power-house rower that stands above the pack. It is intended mainly for commercial gym usage, and every component of the AssaultRower Elite is made for longevity. It has a solid steel frame construction, innovative design, and commercial-grade durability, making it the best-in-class rower on the market. It is ideal for HIIT, cardio, and endurance training and provides a full-body workout. With its multi-grip handle system, sweat-proof seat, and adjustable footplates, the AssaultRower Elite enables a comfortable ride for rowers of all [Read more …]