Fringe Sport 20kg Midas Revenge Bar bushing
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20kg Midas Revenge Bar

Let’s take a look at 20kg Midas Revenge Bar. Sexy, durable, and reliable, the 20kg Midas Revenge Bar will be your last barbell, and pass it down like a family heirloom. The barbell is the gold standard of barbells for garage gyms with its 11 years of expertise and hundreds of thousands of barbells sold. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: 20kg Midas Revenge Bar – Overview The Midas’ Revenge Barbell is enhanced for the power movements like bench pressing, deadlifts, and squatting while still enabling dynamic performance in CrossFit training and Olympic lifting. Its moderate, stable, predictable spin was intended for slow lifts and powerlifters. This spin comes from four aerospace-grade bronze oil-lite bushings that feel great in your hands as it moves sleekly. The Midas’ Revenge Barbell highlights a fairly aggressive pyramid knurl covered in a smooth, corrosion-resistant Cerakote finish for supreme performance for novices and world record holders. This bar weighs 20kg with a total length of 86.75″ and accepts plates with 2″ diameter holes. The Midas’ Revenge Barbell has no center [Read more …]