Nike Romaleos 4 quarter view
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Nike Romaleos 4 Review

Let’s review the newest color way of the Nike Romaleos 4. Rogue has a great selection of weightlifting shoes – including the Romaleos 4. Nike came up with another groundbreaking sports innovation with the Romaleos 4, a training shoe created for strength and stability. It features a supportive midsole and a wide, flat outsole, and adjustable straps at the midfoot. The Nike Romaleos are the most outstanding squat shoe in the world of powerlifting. Here’s some of the styles that are available now: Nike Romaleos 4 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: All the different versions of the Romaleos 4 (including the AMP model) perform in a similar fashion. Nike Romaleos 4 – Overview Look forward to pain-free training as Romaleos 4 brings better overall comfort with this pair of bad boys. It is a little heavier on the feet than the previous version, which boosts more power in your lifting and squatting. It has a modern and stylish design with different colors of deep [Read more …]